New Editions

A list of upcoming new editions of David Rubin’s work.


Enough Of This Lovemaking

Hesperides Trilogy

  1. So Late Into the Night (The Dallary Games)
  2. Jacaranda
  3. The Enigma Variations (unfinished)

In the Time Remaining


Longing for America (collected stories)

On Indian Time Trilogy

  1. The Greater Darkness
  2. Cassio and the Life Divine
  3. Days and Nights at Sitamari

Love in the Melon Season

Sanderson’s Breakaway

Six or Seven Winters

The Astrologer’s Circle

The Golden American

The Mountain King

Travelers in the Dark

Traveling Light (a novella in three parts)


A Season on the Earth: Selected Poems of Nirala (translator)

After the Raj: British Novels of India since 1947

Widows, Wives and Other Heroines: Twelve Stories by Premchand (translator)